Clarke Griffin Associates major clients
What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

“Since 2014 Woodie's have been working with Clarke Griffin Associates on a significant Cultural Change Programme. Progress is good with highlights in moving the culture from management to leadership, team engagement and motivation, learning how to give and receive feedback across the organisation and how to conduct performance reviews while having robust conversations.
Their workshops are very practical, engaging and thought provoking and I have seen significant, positive change in management behaviours throughout the organisation. Patrick & Paula bring a huge amount of experience, passion and challenge to their programmes and work closely with myself and the senior leadership team in ensuring the learning's are embedded.”

Declan Ronayne, Chief Executive, Woodie’s

“Brown Bag Films were delighted to work with Clarke Griffin Associates over the past year. The leadership and management training received by our staff was exceptional. From our first interaction it felt as though our needs were clearly understood and the training that was devised for our staff was right on the mark. As facilitators, Clarke Griffin were engaging and relevant and had a unique and highly effective way of bringing concepts to life during the training sessions. I especially value the feeling of openness and the high level of communication between Clarke Griffin and the Learning and Development team. I would highly recommend Clarke Griffin to any company thinking of leadership or management training.”

Arlene Egan, Learning and Development Manager, Brown Bag Films

“I was first introduced to Clarke Griffin Associates in 2016 and find their style of coaching and training to be most effective. They really listen to your needs and are dedicated to tailoring their services to ensure clients expectations are exceeded. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Ciara Watt, Sales Director, Plusvital

“Clarke Griffin Associates are serious about what they do, that’s supporting leaders and managers to thrive, in order to lead successful businesses with an approach that is engaging, builds trust and challenges the status quo. Their workshops are both creative and innovative, embedding a fresh mindset and can do attitude regarding business processes and approaches to tasks.
They have been a partner of United Drug for 8 years and have been instrumental in supporting organisation transformation and cultural evolution throughout this period. Working with our Site leadership team, they have tailored programmes across site/levels/business lines, which enabled powerful conversations, enhanced performance and undoubtedly, fostered an improved level of authentic trust between the senior management team.”

Hillary Collins, Divisional HR Lead, United Drug

“We have partnered with Clarke Griffin for the last 2 years. They have supported the Leadership Team in dramatically changing the culture of our business. We have had huge success with the leadership development programmes they designed and facilitated for our business. The feedback from participants has been overwhelming. I cannot recommend Clarke Griffin highly enough. They get results fast!”

Sharon Kelly, Director of Human Resources, Woodie's

“Glanbia and Clarke Griffin starting working together in 2012. Our first project “Grow and Perform” was for a Senior Sales team and the project involved a combination of Personal Insights, team coaching and one to one coaching. That project has been key to delivering a high performance sales unit that is delivering growth and performance ahead of market growth.
With the level of success delivered from our first project Clarke Griffin have delivered a one to one coaching programme across all of our senior team and a number of high potential individuals who will be the future leaders of Glanbia.
During 2015 -16 Clarke Griffin have delivered a customised sales training programme for all of our individual business unit sales teams. A recent employee survey have ranked the training module as the “the best training “programme ever organised by Glanbia.
The current project with Glanbia, Clarke Griffin is “Delivering Strategy 2017-19”. In this project Clarke Griffin are facilitating a number of workshops with the Executive Leadership Team to distil out the key strategic and operational initiatives for the next 3 years. These will be the projects to deliver the growth ambitions and operational efficiencies for the business over the next 3 years.
Glanbia continue to work with Clarke Griffin because we are developing a culture across the organisation to allow individuals and teams take responsibility and deliver exceptional performance.”

Denis Herlihy, Commercial Manager, Glanbia Agribusiness

“I have worked with Clarke Griffin Associates on numerous occasions as Director of sales and marketing organisations within the Pharma and Logistics industries. The main reason that I continue to work closely with Clarke Griffin is their professionalism and sheer enthusiasm when delivering training. The impact they have had on my commercial teams has been immediate and we have reaped the benefits on a continuous basis. Every team to go through a programme delivered by Paula and Patrick always refer back to it with positive comments and the changes they implemented as a result, to achieve better results in their personal and professional lives.”

Austin Shields, Head of Sales & Marketing, DHL

“For nine consecutive years Clarke Griffin Associates have played a central role in the success of the award-winning MSc Marketing Practice programme at NUI Galway. They combine science-based research evidence with unparalleled emotional intelligence and intuition to deliver, with ultimate professionalism, workshops that change lives for the better. Each year they inspire, challenge, motivate and compel students to take responsibility for their own happiness and success, and equip them with the tools to do just that. They essentially awaken twenty one year old marketing graduates to their own potential and empower them to live fearlessly.... what a gift to receive at that age... this is very powerful stuff!! The feedback from students is consistently overwhelmingly positive and they acknowledge that they are the luckiest students on the planet to have the privilege to work with Clarke Griffin for two full days, two days that they say change their lives forever.... and graduates from nine years ago tell me this regularly!”

Ann Walsh, Programme Director Masters in Marketing, NUIG

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Clarke Griffin Associates for several years now and in that time have grown to really appreciate the partnership and transformation approaches that Paula and Patrick bring to all of their engagements. Their varied experiences combine with their natural curiosity and empathy to enable them to properly understand their clients’ business model, strategy and cultural needs so as to better enable them to work with and accelerate the development of people as the key enablers to their clients’ success. Their engaging approach to building alignment around a company vision and mission is enlightening and refreshing. Utilizing thought-provoking concepts, innovative methodologies and a “no-nonsense” approach, I have seen first-hand the significant positive impact they have had on individual and collective leadership journeys. I would highly recommend their services to any organization or business needing to have a fresh look at their leadership and culture.”

Carol O'Reilly, Managing Director, Redwood & Co.

“The business environment we work in is constantly changing and is extremely competitive.
We constantly challenge ourselves to improve and look for external partners to help us along this journey.
We have worked with Clarke Griffin Associates for a number of years now. We find they bring a passion and energy that helps people raise their game.
The focus of the collaboration has been around coaching of our senior executives and high potential talent, up skilling our sales teams and facilitation of some of our strategic planning workshops.
Clarke Griffin are very straightforward to deal and work with, we are delighted to partner and work with them.”

Colm Eustace, CEO Glanbia Agribusiness

“Glanbia have worked with Clarke Griffin for a number of years now. Our ongoing partnership with them is based on their consistent delivery of tangible business results as well as significant personal benefits for the individuals they have worked with. Paula and Patrick have a unique ability to build rapport and trust very quickly with people at all levels in the organisation and varying types of people also.
We have worked with Clarke Griffin for both group based and one to one development work and their results are consistently strong across all formats.
Clarke Griffin have a commercial edge and a passion for helping people to reach their full potential that sets them apart from other providers that we have worked with previously.
We will continue working with Clarke Griffin into the future as we trust them to deliver for the business and our people.”

Claire Kerwick, Senior HR Manager, Glanbia Agribusiness

“We had the very good fortune to discover Paula several years ago & it was a match made in heaven! The Edwards & Co team immediately took to her and we've worked with her annually ever since. We love her positivity and humour but also her tough and challenging approach. As one of our team said 'with Paula Clarke there's nowhere to hide!' Paula has enabled us to transform the way we work as a team and to fully realise the potential of our business.”

Dorcas Crawford, Senior Partner, Edwards & Co Solicitors, Belfast

“Paula has enabled us to transform the way we work as a team and to fully realise the potential of our business.”
- Dorcas Crawford, Senior Partner, Edwards & Co Solicitors, Belfast